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Eurasian Journal of Medical Advances
Importance of testicular torsion management: a systematic review [EJMA]
EJMA. Ahead of Print: EJMA-25733 | DOI: 10.14744/ejma.2022.25733

Importance of testicular torsion management: a systematic review

Özge Öztürk
Department Of Child Surgery, Bilecik Research And Training Hospital, Bilecik, Turkey

Testicular torsion is the most important and common urological emergency. The annual incidence of testicular torsion approximately 3,8 per 100,000 boys under 18 years. Prompt recognation, treatment and chase are necessary for testicular salvage. This condition must be excluded in all patients, present with acute scrotum. The patients who suffer from acute scrotum typically have scrotal pain, nausea and vomiting. Some symptoms like pain of lower part of abdomen, painless swallowed scrotum can not occured rare. If anamnesis and physical examination promote torsion, immediate surgical exploration is important. Delay treatment decrease the salvage level of torsion and may necessiate orchiectomy.

Keywords: Testicular torsion, surgical time, testicular salvage

Corresponding Author: Özge Öztürk, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English